Mom Needs Some Coffee~


I got this awesome mug last night from my mother for Mother’s Day!  I love coffee and this mug is perfect.  Speaking of Late Nights…., I won free tickets to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill last night.  I was trying to win these tickets because I wanted to take my mother to the show.  Lucky us we got to see such a great show.  I am not a huge country fan nor have I heard too many songs of either artists, but I will say they put on a really good show.  I surprised myself as well because I actually knew more songs than I thought.  Now when you get free tickets they don’t tell you where you are going to sit.  I was excited thinking we would have box seats or something cool like that….no, we were in the nosebleed and it was a huge accomplishment for me to walk up and down all those stairs with my healing ankle.  On the plus side we moved after the show started and could see better and my mom just sang and sang her little heart out.  She had such a great time…we had such a great time.


On another note…..

Here is a little update to the Rooster Egg Hunt.

Someone else found the egg ….I worked really hard looking for that darn thing.  If you ever broken your leg, ankle, or had any kind of serious medical thing happen.  Then you know that me finding that egg which was worth $1,000 really would have helped paying off some of those medical bills.  It wasn’t meant to be, but my family and I had a lot of fun looking.


Here is a link on more about the Egg and the clues.

Rooster Days