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Over the holiday weekend my Dad’s wife Lou Ann treated us to a special day in the country at the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile, Deli, Bakery, Restaurant, and the Drummond Lodge.  My sister in law was in town from Tennessee with her kids and my niece was on summer break from college NDSU out of North Dakota.  It made sense for all of us to have a fun road trip to see where the magic happens of The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.


According to Wikipedia, “Ree Drummond is an award-winning American Blogger, No. 1 New York Bestselling Author, food writer, photographer, TV personality who lives on a working ranch outside of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.”

Here is a link to her amazing blog~!

The Pioneer Woman

May 29th, 2017

It was such a beautiful day in Oklahoma to drive through the winding and curvy roads to Pawhuska, Oklahoma from Tulsa.  The whole family caravan up there and it was such a fun day with lots of yummy foods, treats, views, and shopping.

We first started at The Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile for a little shopping fun before the crowds got super busy.




Ree loves Buttah!!


The “Merc” had some great unique and fun items! I decided on a shirt, some of the Pioneer Woman’s Coffee, and a souvenir of a fridge magnet.  Now in my family and just like The Drummond family, we love basset hounds!  There was lots of cute basset hound stuff everywhere.  There was a basset hound statute that my Dad wants so much!  It is just lovely~


We shopped and shopped some more. Than we headed upstairs to grab a sweet treat at the Bakery.  I just loved the atmosphere and decor of the bakery!



There was a lovely lounging area where you can enjoy the incredible coffee and pastry treats.  We hung upstairs for awhile and enjoyed the views and treats. There are some buildings across from The Mercantile that are being renovated.  The Pioneer Woman has really put Pawhuska, Oklahoma on the map.

Once our table was ready in the restaurant we headed down to enjoy a delicious lunch.

The lunch was wonderful! We ordered some delicious nachos that were to die for.  The tea was sweet and neat how it was served.  The mason jar was huge! My sister-in-law and I ordered “The Marlboro Man sandwich.”  If you like meat then that is the sandwich to try.  We all needed to go boxes because there was a lot of food.  The portion sizes were huge.  The staff was wonderful! All in all it was a great restaurant experience!

We then received our ticket and our instructions on how to get to “The Lodge” at the Drummond Ranch, where Ree Drummond films her food show.



Some of these photos are just wonderful taken by my sister-in-law Amber, at the Drummond Ranch.


My sister-in-law entering “The Lodge.”



This is where the magic happens~



Here I am “The Late Night Momma” baking up a storm at Ree Drummond’s ranch~!

My nephews and son enjoyed playing  checkers in the living area of the ranch.

Towards the back of the lodge is another full size kitchen with an awesome view.  The pantry had tons of Ree Drummond signature dishes.  In this kitchen is where they cook several dishes and perfect them for the show.


Ree Drummond’s dressing room had all her makeup and wardrobes hanging around.  On her desk/dressing area there sat a rock of her beloved dog Charlie whom passed away this year.


I would have to say that I just loved getting to see “The Lodge” it had breathtaking views, an amazing kitchen, beautiful decor, and it resonated serenity.

The road trip ended at The Lodge and we headed back home talking about all the wonderful things we saw and experienced.

I would highly recommend taking a road trip out to The Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile, Deli, and Bakery.  If you have the opportunity to see the Drummond Lodge it is by far worth getting your car all dirty from the rock dirt roads.  My favorite was “The Lodge” and running into Ree’s husband Ladd.  That’s right we got to meet “The Marlboro Man” himself.  He was a very nice and my sister-in-law and I took this great photo with him.


I love to blog like the Pioneer Woman and I taught myself photography, I love to cook, and bake as well.  At one time I was a city girl who moved to the country.  It was such a humble experience for me to live on an acre of land where as far as the eye could see was open land and skies. When I moved to the middle of no where I started a small business called “Mo Pies.”   I baked my signature pies in a jar and delivered them to homes and businesses.  It was very popular in the middle of no where.  I still make pies and keep trying to build more customers.  Baking is so relaxing to me.  So in a lot of ways I can relate to Ree Drummond…however, I don’t have my own books or TV show…,but a girl can dream, right?!

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Mo Pies