The Year of the Rooster~


My town is having their annual Rooster Days Festival and most importantly their Rooster Day Egg Hunt.  This hunt is such a fun family event.  The Broken Arrow Chamber assigns one person they call the “Egg Master” to hide an egg somewhere in the City of Broken Arrow.  Each day they provide clues as to where to find the egg.  They give 10 clues.  In years past the egg was found on the 3rd or 4th clue.  Can you believe this year today is day seven of the clue?!  This Egg Master is running us all over town on a wild “Rooster” chase!  Did I mention the prize is $1,000 CASH?!  Yes, so you have people driving around and eye balling each other like I am going to find the egg first.  People scouring fields, walking the streets of Broken Arrow, driving in circles, and using a lot of gas on this years clues.  I am pretty familiar with Broken Arrow and I feel like I have been hot on this egg’s trail…,but no egg.  As some of you know I broke my ankle about 90 days ago and I started walking again about 4 weeks ago.  I still have a lot of recovering to do.  However, I have been pushing through walking a bunch of steps looking for this silly egg.  Today my ankle is hurting bad so my egg hunt has been put on hold.


So the clues are leading you to the egg using landmarks and street names…however, each time you look in the area the clue leads you, no egg.  I am telling you we have searched high and low and all over the city for this egg.  It is like a needle in a haystack.


These are eggs in the past.  They have an artist paint the eggs for the theme that the Rooster Day Festival is doing.  The theme this year is “Year of the Rooster.”

*The clue tells you where to start saying : 

Egg Hunt Clue #1

The “Year of the Rooster,” the Chinese Say.

In Broken Arrow, it’s Rooster Days.

Follow the trail and you can win.

Let’s make this Egg Hunt Great Again!

Egg Hunt Clue #2

Which way to go, which way to turn?

All of this, you must learn.

The first to know is where to start.

Go to the place and then depart.

*I figured out the place to start….that is where you depart. Then it leads you on this long drawn out egg hunt.

Egg Hunt Clue #3:

Now make a turn in one direction.

Which way is right is your election.

Two more turns and you’re on your way.

Fill your tank so the course you’ll stay.

Egg Hunt Clue #4

The Rhoades to travel are not straight.

But they will make this Egg Hunt Great.

If you’re lost go back to start.

Egg Hunt Clue #5

At the Lane you should have turned.

Which way to go you should have learned.

At Mike or Andy turn again.

There’s no Alternative but to win.

*Now Clue 5& 6 you really have to know your way around Broken Arrow to get it.

Egg Hunt Clue #6 

In the right direction you’ll see the Bell. 

If you know the way you shouldn’t tell.

Pass No.4 it’s on your right.

It’s really hard to see at night.

Egg Hunt Clue #7 

Go through the light, make sure it’s green.

It’s easy now what these clues mean.

Another mile you must go.

Which way to turn, you must know.

*I understand all the clues, but it just points you in the general direction to go. Then a million people search the area and nothing…however I think this last clue is really close to the egg.


Is this the egg?! No, it is literally a goose egg.

How about here?


No that is not the way.


Is this the egg?! No a leftover Easter Egg.


Maybe it is over here….



Well we came across a deer one day hunting the egg…No Egg


We searched this whole field…We are so tired of searching…where is this egg?!


Here is a Rooster!

No egg in sight…

We have worked so hard looking for this egg…hopefully it is found soon so I can move on with my life, LOL!


Until we meet again…hopefully I found that egg!~LATE NIGHT MOMMA

Here is a link to the site about information on the Rooster Day Egg Hunt~

Rooster Days


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